Always Growing!

I have always been fascinated with flowers – their striking beauty, their dazzling and contrasting colours, their unique scents. They are truly a wonder of nature, where even minor variations in the amount of light, water or plant nutrition can yield dramatic results. Throughout my career I have seen similar transformational results with people, initially through managing and mentoring high potential candidates and over the past few years as a Certified Executive Coach.

It is rewarding when clients respond to the right stimuli, to see the awakening of potential, and the emergence of new-found confidence and clarity of purpose. I create a secure environment where clients can be safely challenged with the right ‘thought’ nutrients, and then watch them blossom as leaders.

The floral theme of this site is important to me, and should be just as important to you. It symbolizes growth. Here’s To Always Growing!

Change the Trajectory of your Career

My passion is helping people grow. I do this by combining the experience gained as a seasoned leader with the skill and discipline of Executive Coaching.

I help the leaders of today and tomorrow achieve their career goals by broadening their leadership capabilities and developing new mindsets and actions for lasting behavioural change.


My Focus Areas

I create highly personalized programs tailored to each Client’s objectives. The Client’s development challenges can be as simple as honing presentation and communication skills, and as complex as managing change and dealing with ambiguity.

Tools at our disposal:

  • Executive Coaching 1:1

  • Career Coaching

  • Executive Transition

  • Onboarding New Executives

  • EQi Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Client Appreciation

Nothing is more rewarding than hearing how clients have overcome complex challenges or even transformed careers. I have been fortunate to work with a wide spectrum of personalities, corporate functions, and diverse industries. Follow this link for a sampling of client feedback.