Executive Coaching

Tailored to clients’ objectives

Executive Coaching:

My executive coaching approach is an on-target, bespoke, and effective way of boosting leaders. It leverages their strengths, hones their skills, and optimizes a leader’s performance. When a leader is operating at their maximum possible effectiveness, they are then able to lead teams more effectively and positively impact business results.

As a thinking partner, I tend to work with Clients on a 6, 9 or 12-month basis during which we meet in a series of confidential and dynamic meetings. The Client “drives” on the journey, and I am their passenger and thinking partner. My style is compassionate, caring, assertive – and I am sure that you will have fun on the ride!

The approach I take is highly personalized and tailored to the Client’s objectives. The Client’s development challenges can be as simple as honing presentation and communication skills, and as complex as managing change and dealing with ambiguity. We meet to evaluate your needs and then I build a program customized for you.

Other Specialized Executive Coaching Programs:

  • Career Coaching

  • Executive Transition

  • Onboarding New Executives

These executive coaching programs vary in length and are customized to the Client’s current situation and coaching objectives. Each coaching program utilizes assessment tools to provide the Client with the necessary beliefs, behaviours and strategies to be successful in their role.